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Fri Dec 19, 2014
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Business Daily Kenya -
Daily Nation Kenya -
BBC - World
'200 villagers' kidnapped in Nigeria

Kenyan MPs brawl over security bill

US probes $2m Uganda 'currency scam'

New CAR fighting leaves 28 dead

Tests claim Ebosse died from beating

Death penalty for Nigerian soldiers

Two Kenyan runners fail drug tests

S Leone houses searched for Ebola

Kenya blogger on president slur charge

Oil price forces new Nigeria budget

Somalis seize Yemeni fishing boats

Tanzania AG quits amid fraud claims

VIDEO: Brawl over Kenya security bill

VIDEO: CAR: Child soldier numbers 'doubles'

VIDEO: Historic portraits with a modern twist

VIDEO: Contemporary art on show in DR Congo

VIDEO: Miss World on her African heritage

VIDEO: Clove price hits Tanzanian farmers

VIDEO: Athletics doping cases rock Kenya

VIDEO: Charity boss 'preyed on street children'

Letter from Africa: Finger-pointing over Boko Haram

Letter from Africa: Bring it on

VIDEO: Illegal smuggling rife in Timbuktu

Cape Town embracing mobile payments

Tips from Zambian insuring the future

Tips from Tanzanian ice cream maker

Ebola drains weak health systems

Does Nigeria have an image problem?

Africa in pictures: 4-11 December 2014

In pictures: Cape Verde volcano

In pictures: Africa's 'male feminist'

Almaz's story

In pictures: The lure of gold

In pictures: Mali’s motorbiking eye surgeons

In pictures: Ethiopia’s thriving art market

In pictures: Darfur refugees then and now

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South Africa include Rantie in squad

Ivory Coast and Mali to play Nigeria

Africans in India: From slaves to reformers and rulers

Letter from Africa: The culture of sharing the cake

The boats of guns for hire against pirates

Made in Ghana, bass-ed in London

Villagers losing out to sugar growing

In pictures: Zanzibar's clove harvest

Unwrapping Africa's red tape

What chance of peace in South Sudan?

The unlikely love affair between two countries

BBC - Business
Apple 'failing to protect workers'

Thai tuna firm buys US rival

Two US states sue over marijuana

Part of Volcker rule delayed by Fed

US stocks continue Fed-driven rally

Aer Lingus rejects bid by BA owner

Swiss interest rate to turn negative

Oil price fall forces firm revamp

North Sea oil sector near 'collapse'

Putin seeks to ease economic fears

Fall in oil prices 'temporary'

Number in debt to energy firms rises

Retail sales boosted by Black Friday

Snapchat boss tearful at Sony hack

English council funds 'cut by 1.8%'

Nick Hewer to leave The Apprentice

'Tax shock' from Christmas party

Mortgage lending dip 'continues'

UK using less energy, report finds

Mobile deal to reduce 'not-spots'

US Fed 'patient' over rate rises

Russia plans new action over rouble

UK sees pick-up in wage growth

Building the biggest baby food firm

Unwrapping Africa's red tape

The value of celebrity endorsements

SPFL withholds Gers cash over EBTs

Fifa dismisses Garcia complaint

GAA stadium decision 'was unlawful'

VIDEO: Myanmar turns to pop-up power

VIDEO: India splashes out on art biennale

VIDEO: Escape games boom in Budapest

VIDEO: 'Exhausted workforce' in Apple factory

VIDEO: Russians splash out to beat rouble fall

VIDEO: Oil pipeline could benefit Iraqi Kurds

VIDEO: Has the high street got worse?

VIDEO: 'Greece should stay in the EU'

Budapest's underground escape craze

Global debt: How worried should we be?

How are Venezuelans coping with tumbling oil prices?

The casualties of Russia's decline

Social shopping takes off in Asia

Myanmar's pop-up power stations

The people working on Christmas Day

Headline numbers: Osborne plan makes little difference

BBC - Health
'Support vulnerable doctors' call

Brain's 'internal compass' found

Painkillers 'cut skin cancer risk'

Autism link to air pollution raised

Obesity 'could be a disability' - EU

Drug allergy: Culprit protein found

Car smoke ban 'to start in October'

Ill teenagers not to be held in cells

Rules for babies 'from three people'

Cancer bungle 'down to incompetence'

Mental health support for mothers

Auditors question public health spend

S Leone houses searched for Ebola

Superbug found in Rio Olympic waters

Cardiff surgeons' musical medicine

Huddles 'help children's hospital care'

Why 361 needles are better than one

VIDEO: Tory MP: How to save the NHS 5%

VIDEO: Visiting the doctor via the internet

VIDEO: Hunt: NHS getting record funds

VIDEO: Smoking in cars 'harmful for children'

VIDEO: New rules on 'three person babies'

VIDEO: NHS 'over-reliant on foreign nurses'

VIDEO: Fewer or more nurses in NHS today?

VIDEO: 'Why I'm having my breasts removed'

Booze calculator: What's your drinking nationality?

Me, my friend Pru, and our memories

Why are hospitals under so much pressure?

VIDEO: A night on the SOS bus

The hidden lives of those who care

Victims of a craze for cosmetic surgery

Could a stove save children's lives?

NHS patients and private hospital referrals

Interesting NHS data no-one is looking at

Suicide 'not always inevitable'

NHS should welcome 'citizen whistleblowers'

Phillip Hughes: How is the brain injured?

How the West is cutting teen pregnancy

CNN - World
Western-style stores growing in Iran

Look at me! 28 selfies of the week

2014: The year in pictures

15 feet from ISIS

CNN reporter hit with tear gas

Reporters' photos on the scene

'CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute'

On the red carpet for CNN Heroes

What did we learn from tsunami?

Why this band has a samurai sword

The last POW: 85-year old 'enemy spy'

Watch landmark Cold War series

In photos: History of the Cold War

Now only 5 left worldwide

A town that's lost its men

14 best places to spend Xmas

Nat'l Geo photo winners 2014

You won't believe where this truck was found

Prince George: Pint-sized trendsetter?

European capital rebuilt 40 times

Falling in love with public transit

How to do Nepal without climbing mountains

What travel will look like in 2015

Top 10: E.Africa's most popular bands

What you really Googled in 2014

Doctor restores the vision of 100,000 people

Marriage proposal goes wrong

Missing students motivate Nobel interruption

Two babies born at 10:11 on 12/13/14

China decrees new rules for anthem

Western-style shopping in Iran

Rooney Mara: South Sudan's hope survives

Out of battery? Use a 'Strawberry Tree!'

13 African Voices shaking things up

Billion dollar temples of pleasure

10 reasons to experience the mind-blowing AfrikaBurn festival

Confirm new surgeon general

Would you rather be sexy or smart?

31 amazing sports photos

Miss World 2014 crowned

Japan's proposed underwater city

What the Taliban left behind

Debilitating outbreak hits Americas

Searching for the cure

'Smart Sewage' could spot epidemics

What is this on a Scottish river?

Double life of dashing WWII spy

The week in 33 photos

Top destinations to visit in 2015

Everyday life in Cuba

Things that annoy North Korea

Double life of dashing WWII spy

Suicide blamed on ruble collapse

Japan in the dark on 'Interview'

What did we learn from tsunami?

Villagers try to banish HIV-positive boy

Sydney siege victims died protecting others

Australian PM: 'Is this the best we can do?'

Pakistan reinstates death penalty

Graffiti gang's Middle East art mission

Visual artists revolutionizing concerts

Listen: 15 EDM djs on the rise

U.S. air strikes kill 3 top ISIS leaders

Defector: N. Korea has 1800 cyberwarriors

5 things to do if you're taken hostage

Real life castaway spotted on tropical island

Ebola worker: Why did they kill my dog?

Hard times and broken families haunt the hope of a new Cuba

Putin: 'We're not attacking anyone, we're not warmongers'

Boko Haram kidnaps 185 women and children, kills 32

Al Qaeda car bombs target Houthi fighters in Yemeni port city

UK police investigate possible murder of 3 boys in sex abuse ring

Capital that was rebuilt 40 times

France to pay $60M to deported Jews

Royal twins born in Monaco

Of conquistadors and the Cold War

Swastika found in Brazil pool

Torture report: Harsh reality for U.S.

ISIS justifies sex with child slaves

Kobani: A city haunted by the living

13 African voices shaking things up

Tutu cancels trips for treatment

Waging war on skin bleaching

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