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Tue Sep 02, 2014
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Business Daily Kenya -
Daily Nation Kenya -
BBC - World
Nigeria militants 'seize' major town

US targets al-Shabab's leader

Corruption 'costs millions of lives'

Mali landmine kills four UN soldiers

Ebola response 'lethally inadequate'

Ebola 'threatens W Africa harvests'

Ivory Coast get go-ahead to host tie

Kenya targeting 'ghost workers'

Lesotho military action ruled out

Libya militias 'seize ministries'

Zimbabwe stun Australia in Harare

VIDEO: Escaped Ebola patient recaptured

VIDEO: US targets al-Shabab leader - in 15 secs

VIDEO: Libya militia take US embassy pool

VIDEO: Ebola doctor dies in Sierra Leone

VIDEO: China welcomes Zimbabwe's Mugabe

VIDEO: Four shot Rwandan in SA - in 15 seconds

VIDEO: S Sudan rebels deny power-sharing deal

VIDEO: Nigerian Ebola death outside Lagos

Letter from Africa: Taking advantage of a crisis

Letter from Africa: Acting up over Chibok's girls

VIDEO: Ghana's gold mine suspension

Cleaning up Mali's rubbish

Does Nigeria have an image problem?

Is Nigeria ready to lead Africa?

South Sudan in pictures: Threat of famine

In pictures: Battling Ebola in West Africa

In pictures: Yoga in Sierra Leone

Your pictures: South Africa

In pictures: Mixing graffiti and calligraphy in Tunisia

In pictures: Uganda's 'Pimp My Ride' garage

In pictures: Excavating past crimes in Somaliland

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Benin country profile

Botswana profile

Burkina Faso profile

Burundi country profile

Cameroon country profile

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Republic of Congo profile

Democratic Republic of Congo profile

Djibouti profile

Egypt profile

Equatorial Guinea profile

Eritrea profile

Ethiopia profile

Gabon country profile

The Gambia profile

Ghana country profile

Guinea country profile

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Mali country profile

Mauritania country profile

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Sudan country profile

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Ceuta, Melilla profile

Puntland profile

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Nigeria in danger of Fifa suspension

Nigeria to report Schalke over Obasi

VIDEO: Uganda's Ghetto Kids: 'Dance changed my life'

How maggots can lower Kenyan hospital bills

Nigerian army's pride wounded

The students behind Nigeria's online jobs giant

VIDEO: Embracing animation in Africa

VIDEO: Lesotho's water is 'liquid gold'

BBC - Business
UK moves up global economic ranking

Celebrity leaks 'no breach' - Apple

UK seeks extra power for winter

Credit Suisse investigating traders

Corruption 'costs millions of lives'

Uber banned across Germany by court

Wall Street market report

Detroit's bankruptcy battle begins

Boris Island airport plan 'not dead'

Arthur Andersen name resurrected

UK in £3.5bn armoured vehicle deal

UK construction growth surges

December date for Autumn Statement

Halliburton agrees oil spill deal

Aston Martin appoints new chief

Laptop sales soar before university

Gary Barlow 'settling tax affairs'

Payday loan hardship cases 'up 42%'

More than 48,000 use Help to Buy

PPI complaint levels remain high

Swiss economy stalls as EU slows

Brown issues warning over UK debt

Water stress 'may curtail fracking'

Georgian wines toast EU sales boost

Tunisia's first video games boss

Cleaning up Mali's rubbish

Premier League clubs' spending spree

Rangers confirm £4m share issue plan

England Women's Sevens turn pro

AUDIO: Is conflict good or bad for insurers?

VIDEO: The most future-proof profession?

VIDEO: Card fraud in Asia 'costs $400m'

VIDEO: From slow summer to massive start-up

VIDEO: Lewis takes over as boss of Tesco

VIDEO: Dumpster divers seek out free food

VIDEO: Chip and pin security fears revealed

VIDEO: Saying 'I do' underwater in China

Austria's only snail farmer

The lost fight to save Spain's mines

Saving America’s honeybees

The students behind Nigeria's online jobs giant

Windows XP: Your upgrade experiences

Vacuum cleaner debate hots up

Smile please, but hold your breath

BBC - Health
House the elderly on NHS land - MP

Ashya's parents freed from prison

All diets 'have similar results'

Allergy mistakes 'risking lives'

Ebola response 'lethally inadequate'

Hospitals seeing more skin cancer

Brain 'can learn to eat healthily'

British Ebola patient 'pretty well'

Ebola 'threatens W Africa harvests'

Ashya parents fight extradition

'Urgent' call for obesity taskforce

Sunbed study highlights cancer risk

Experts argue for drink price plan

Test Ebola drug '100% effective'

Action films 'may make you fat'

Sniffing faeces 'detects infection'

Ebola: Why is it this disease we fear?

Denmark's homeless 'swap the streets for the pitch'

VIDEO: 'Bacon butty' for British Ebola nurse

VIDEO: Proton therapy: UK patient access

VIDEO: Are e-cigarettes safe?

VIDEO: Urgent calls to tackle childhood obesity

VIDEO: 'Get taxi or lift' urges ambulance trust

VIDEO: Ebola doctor's traumatic experiences

VIDEO: What goes into a fake cigarette?

VIDEO: Cellist: 'Alcohol was my medicine'

The girl with three biological parents

How much has the ice bucket challenge achieved?

Bionic pancreas: A new dawn for diabetics?

What is proton beam therapy?

VIDEO: I couldn't say no to Pulp

Sniffing out the allergy epidemic

Ebola crisis: Five ways to avoid the deadly virus

Could your clothing save your life?

Trauma warning on Foley death video

Warning over electrical brain stimulation

The malaria mines of Venezuela

CNN - World
What a shot!

The week in 36 photos

CNN mourns loss of photojournalist

Inside the 'hermit kingdom'

The challenges of covering Ebola

Who's your hero? Nominate them

Soccer fans as an army for good

Taking autistic kids to ball game

A bodybuilder with a big heart

Helping grieving kids heal

From amputee to adventurer

Child refugees held in Thailand

Eating cockroaches in China

New Guinea volcano erupts

Watch landmark Cold War series

In photos: History of the Cold War

11 things to know about Myanmar

World's first cyborg

Paradise with a conscience?

Week in 36 amazing photos

Eating cockroaches in China

Great old buildings: Save or raze?

You made that from paper?

Welcome to Irish beach racing

Is this the secret to immortality?

Whoa, Hello Kitty is NOT a cat

6 weird places to dine

Save a horse, be a cowboy

Why retailer pulled this shirt

Britain apologizes for tweet

Pregnancy faked for buns?

21 selfies of the week

Why we are all in our own bubble

Cartoon concubine courts favor

The easy way to become king

10 best after dark adventures

Man who fixed soccer confesses

India's rice bucket challenge

Russia sanctions: Who's hit?

Quran page sells for $68,000

35 moments frozen in time

'Groundbreaking' photo shoot

A spy's guide to Berlin

Famous stone faces speak

Europe's last beer-making nun

Making 'sexiest wine on the planet'

40 stellar sports photos

World Equestrian Games guide

Swiss 'suicide tourism' doubles

Are these the best GIFs ever?

The selfie craze this week

Becker 'burning like a volcano'

China's $50 billion woman?

Does bling grow on trees?

Alas, poor Richard III, you ate too well

Amazing photos of the week

Gaza zoo animals suffer

Zambia's patron of the arts

'Exploding lake' powers Rwanda

Coming face-to-face with sharks

The last of his kind in Africa

Which foods are off Russian menus?

Prince William's new job

20 stunning cliffside beaches

And the world's best zoo is ...

These aren't actually flowers

WWI outbreak marked in Belgium

'Mad Max' architecture of future

Japan's new nuggets twist

Could this solve world hunger?

World's most beautiful piers

Queen photobombs selfie

What will shape Hong Kong?

Prince George at one

World's scariest insect?

Tehran a tourism magnet?

Biggest ever flying bird?

When Ferrari meets trains

Can you watch without ducking?

Pamplona's running of the bulls

ISIS video shows beheading of American

Immunotherapy saved her

Front line in cancer battle

Young medical pioneers

Waiting for a new face

'Unflappable' cameraman mourned

Haunted life in the Ebola zone

World War II: 75th anniversary

What a shot! 33 sports photos

Amazing life of Althea Gibson

33 amazing sports photos

Militia parties at empty U.S. embassy

Remembering Beslan massacre

The world's next tallest building?

ISIS claims to behead second American

Analysis of the ISIS beheading videos

Saudi Arabia seizes 88 terrorists 'on the verge' of attacks

Saudia Arabia's 'religious police' assault British couple

Al-Shabaab Terror leader's fate unclear

Iraqi families storm parliament

Ukrainian to president: 'Be a man. Be human ... Stop this war'

How North Korea may be using U.S. detainees as 'bargaining chips'

No charges for parents who took child with cancer out of hospital

UK raises terror threat level

London's Muslims fear witch hunt

The man who hunted bin Laden

Ft. Hood shooter wants to join ISIS

Does Napa quake portend 'Big One'?

'Lady al Qaeda's' sister speaks out

What's on ISIS 'laptop of doom'?

Key points in Israel-Gaza truce

Haunted life in the Ebola zone

Who are Africa's funniest people?

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