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Sat May 30, 2015
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Vietnam1313.8¢   |Mexico3651.4¢   |Colombia2252.2¢ 
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Malaysia4001.2¢   |Pakistan1982.5¢   |Egypt657.7¢ 
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BBC - World
Nigeria militants strike Maiduguri

IS militants 'seize Libyan airport'

Hundreds of migrants rescued in Med

Buhari promises change for Nigeria

Zuma not liable for home upgrades

EU withdraws Burundi poll observers

SA denies organising World Cup bribe

Top Angolan journalist sentenced

'New species' of ancient human found

VIDEO: How Sepp Blatter charmed Africa

VIDEO: What's Up Africa: Satirist on hunting

VIDEO: What is priority for Nigeria's Buhari?

VIDEO: Power changes hands in Nigeria

VIDEO: On the ground with Libyan forces

VIDEO: Migrants saved by British navy ship

VIDEO: Soweto fashion takes to the catwalk

VIDEO: S Africa fans on Fifa: 'It hurts us'

Why Kenyans enjoyed the political blackout

Nigeria's 'brown envelope' journalism

Is Bitcoin Africa's unlikely saviour?

Malawi's expensive phone habit

VIDEO: Political dynasties: Good or bad?

VIDEO: Has US failed South Sudan?

How Nigeria's presidential election works

Tunisia from revolution to republic

Liberian bikers who wear pink

The race to cover a mosque in mud

In pictures: Nigeria's frog kebabs

The photographer who captures the horrors of the sea

Clear skies spell death for migrants

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Namibia win Cosafa Cup

Bournemouth sign winger Atsu on loan

Nigerian walks 750km to meet President Buhari

Africa in pictures: 22-28 May 2015

The battle between the veil and the miniskirt

'Brazen cover-up' of Zuma's home upgrade

Fifa vote: Why Africa backs Blatter

BBC - Business
No £100 fine for late tax returns

Planned rail strike talks adjourned

Cup Final instant replay app tests

Tata workers vote for strike action

Vitamin D to be added to M&S bread

Greek bank deposits at decade low

BBC uncovers tax avoidance scheme

Fifa sponsors call for quick reform

US economy shrank in first quarter

American Express president dies

India's economy surges by 7.5%

Corfu mother angry at shares payment

Neverland ranch goes up for sale

Poster family warns over stock images

VIDEO: 'No £100 fine for late tax returns'

VIDEO: Economic strides in the Ivory Coast

VIDEO: India's online jewellery business

VIDEO: House viewings streamed on Periscope

VIDEO: Bangkok hosts migrant crisis talks

VIDEO: Macau's casinos gamble on growth

VIDEO: Pressure mounts on Fifa's Blatter

VIDEO: Canada's 'early adopter' looks back

Who advises overnight millionaires?

How Fifa makes and spends its money

The UAE reaches for the Red Planet

How do you pick up an oil platform?

Fifa scandal 'a disaster' for sponsors

Looking for the future workplace

BBC - Health
Lung cancer therapy is 'milestone'

Germany 'hits global birth rate low'

Transplant man meets donor's sister

Cancer drug impact hope 'remarkable'

Sleep training 'can reduce prejudice'

China on alert after first Mers case

Sugar warning over fruit snacks

Smoking ban 'cuts child illness'

Vitamin D to be added to M&S bread

Pocket optician 'good as eye charts'

'Give HIV drugs at diagnosis'

Breast cancer 'alters bone to spread'

Rise in 'dog bite' hospital admissions

Mice in space develop thin skin

'Home-brewed morphine' made possible

NHS should welcome 'citizen whistleblowers'

'Cancer made me want mashed potato'

Care in the UK: The costs you face

VIDEO: Face transplant man meets donor's sister

VIDEO: 'I ended up in hospital from legal high'

VIDEO: 'I was afraid to look in a mirror'

VIDEO: 'Diblings' - the siblings created through donors

VIDEO: Vicar who contracted HIV after attack

VIDEO: Many drivers fail roadside drug tests

VIDEO: Can this app help teach surgeons?

VIDEO: My cerebral palsy story - in animation

Taking the bite out of deadly rabies

Can Uganda end its Aids epidemic?

The myth of bad British teeth

Brain injury: Stories of changed lives

Canadians face midwife shortages

What's the truth about free NHS Calpol?

CNN - World
Surge in female recruits to terror group reported

Photos: Behind the burqa

ISIS twins: From schoolgirls to jihadi widows

Schoolgirl's tweet offers clue about life with ISIS

ISIS mom would face 'full severity' of Australian law

U.S. student killed in mosque attack called a 'hero'

U.S. defense chief to China: Stop building islands

Solar Impulse begins marathon flight

Video of mob burning teen alive spurs outrage

Egypt releases U.S. citizen

Boko Haram launches grenade attack in Nigeria

Sweden may extend paternity leave for dads

This probably won't make Russia happy

Shelling, bullets and explosions: Ukraine's ceasefire

A very somber face-to-face

China astronaut asks U.S. to open space station

Compassion flows freely in refugee camp

Refugee crisis around the world

Millions spent to pamper North Korean elite

1,400 die in heat wave

Residents flee as volcano erupts

Nearly 500 bodies exhumed from graves in Iraq

Iraqi oil refinery the site of 'apocalyptic' battle

Jawbones put new species on the human family tree

Blatter smells a rat

Blatter re-elected president of FIFA

Confused by FIFA scandal? This will help

Putin accuses U.S. of 'illegally persecuting people'

Chuck Blazer: The man who turned on FIFA

Maradona: FIFA run like a 'mafia'

The 'fallen stars' of Bangladesh

Capturing the parallel worlds of the Emirates

The homeowners who refuse to budge

Beachgoers soak in 'radioactive life'

Portraits of Africa, taken from the sky

The week in 39 photos

What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos

Look at me! 26 selfies of the week

The world's 10 most legendary luxury hotels

Top 20 museums around the world

New species: Cartwheeling spiders, electric slugs

The Stars and Stripes in Cuba

Swimwear through the ages

Is this the best view in the world?

Anyone for underwater tennis?

Images show cruelty of slave masters

Wanted Al-Shabaab official dies

Cuba officially off U.S. terror blacklist

13 dead after tornado strikes border city in Mexico

Israel cries foul over FIFA suspension talk

World's largest hotel coming to Mecca

New 'Soul-Sucking Dementor' wasp buzzes to fame

Suspected spy pigeon nabbed

Italian hand gestures everyone should know

How sport serves the 'Land of Repression'

Syria Civil War

48 hours in Turkmenistan

Pluto on the horizon

What's behind India's heat wave?

Man stolen as baby reunites with mom 41 years later

Historian claims to discover 'true face' of Shakespeare

Is the world turning its back on a people?

Seeing humanity in farm animals

'The day I infiltrated an African cult'

Company treats 6,400 employees to vacation

Mormons search for roots after genocide

The forgotten sherpas

FAA questioned mental health of Germanwings pilot

Police: British TV star abused 22 students

A hero for gorillas -- and poachers

Dozens of dinosaur eggs discovered

The last of his kind

A year in space

What are the world's coolest new buildings?

Goodbye, glaciers?

Inside the battle to save Africa's elephants

Orca baby boom off British Columbia

On TV, a new Jesus comes into view

How Stone-Age blades are still cutting it in modern surgery

Stunning portraits of people with Down syndrome

World's largest asteroid impact zone found

Japan unveils largest warship since World War II

A really big fish story

Kim Jong Un: New look, new attitude?

Sudan refugees take back their story

Island of forgotten dreams

How to find the terrorist amid tide of human misery

Amazon tribe under threat

A new sex park for Taiwan?

The scariest theme park rides on Earth

What's the perfect job for you? Ask your 5-year-old self

The extraordinary art of autistic 'five-year-old Monet'

Gifts fit for a queen

Was King Tut's beard glued back on?

Abducted toddler found after 24 years

India's tiger population increasing

Scientists upload a worm's brain into a Lego robot

Hold on tight, we're landing sideways ...

Art made from war

World's top 25 hotels

Spectacular ancient city deserted and mysterious

10 places we'd rather be

Forgotten in Aleppo

'It just went ballistic': Shark attacks teenager

Is this the site of Jesus' trial?

The world's safest airlines

Helmet cam shows sniper shot to head

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