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Fri Oct 31, 2014
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BBC - World
Power struggle in Burkina Faso

Boko Haram denies ceasefire claim

Kenyan Jeptoo fails doping test

UN chief defends Ebola aid workers

Meyiwa suspect in court in S Africa

Cows to keep Kenyan girls in school

Tunisia secularists win elections

Ebola aid ship docks in Sierra Leone

Nigerian president seeks re-election

UK can be sued over rendition case

German hostage freed in Nigeria

Ebola cases 'slowing in Liberia'

VIDEO: Is data the next frontier in Africa?

VIDEO: Burkina president resigns - in 15 secs

VIDEO: Ebola news: 31 October in 15 secs

VIDEO: The makeshift 'protection' for Ebola

VIDEO: New leader for Zambia - in 15 secs

VIDEO: 'I feel bad if I see women suffer'

VIDEO: Compaore: 'What I'm doing is legal'

VIDEO: Ex-president on challenges for women

Letter from Africa: Silencing the police

Letter from Africa: Why do we rely on 'miracle cures'?

Prize catch: Trout farming in Lesotho

Boom times for Ethiopia's coffee shops

VIDEO: These boots are made for music

VIDEO: Songhoy Blues: Banned but unbeaten

Ebola drains weak health systems

Does Nigeria have an image problem?

Africa in pictures: 17-23 October 2014

Almaz's story

In pictures: The lure of gold

In pictures: Mali’s motorbiking eye surgeons

In pictures: Ethiopia’s thriving art market

In pictures: Darfur refugees then and now

South Sudan in pictures: Threat of famine

In pictures: Battling Ebola in West Africa

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Keshi re-appointed as Nigeria coach

Setif close on Champions League glory

The rise and fall of Blaise Compaore

VIDEO: Zimbabwe's crocodile farms

The volunteers ready to fight Ebola

Letter from Africa: Ebola is not an African problem

VIDEO: Arab Spring rapper says Tunisia now worse off

A South Sudanese psychiatrist's Herculean task

The Rumble in the Jungle revisited

VIDEO: South Sudan food crisis - in 60 seconds

In pictures: Africa's 'male feminist'

Qualifications scandal divides South Africa

BBC - Business
Banks may be forced to boost reserves

Russia raises interest rates to 9.5%

Government to 'retire' some WW1 debt

US shares close at record levels

Former Android boss leaves Google

Eurozone inflation edges up to 0.4%

BOJ boosts monetary stimulus measure

RBS reserves £400m for currency probe

FTSE up on bank news and Japan move

Hungary scraps controversial web tax

BA owner raises profit forecast

Russia-Ukraine deal secures EU gas

Sony reports loss of $1.2bn

Citigroup legal costs up by $600m

ANZ bank announces record profit

Starbucks sales disappoint investors

Noriega fails to sue Call of Duty

Tesco ATM promises 'free erections'

Housing market 'losing momentum'

Royal Mint bid to woo gold investors

Motorway fuel '£8 a tank dearer'

US posts better-than-expected growth

US Fed ends QE stimulus programme

Singapore 'best place for business'

Change in China for family succession

Australia's flexible small firms

The man who built a chocolate empire

NFL could give UK 'more than £100m'

Hearts 'will adopt living wage'

'Prize money gap needs to be closed'

VIDEO: 'I don't know what my destiny is'

VIDEO: Morocco's offshore oil dispute

VIDEO: Zimbabwe's crocodile farms

VIDEO: Can Indian consumers shop for less?

VIDEO: Is data the next frontier in Africa?

VIDEO: Philippines tourism shrugs off warning

VIDEO: Tim Cook 'an important role model'

VIDEO: Chinese Hollywood builds Forbidden City

Global tax rules 'need tightening'

The metal detectors saving marriages

What are Remploy workers doing now?

Colorado considers fracking's future

Is it a golden age for Chinese cinema?

Has quantitative easing worked?

Giant Samsung struggles at the top

BBC - Health
Some ethnic groups 'less cancer aware'

Alcohol 'should have calorie labels'

UN chief defends Ebola aid workers

Genes 'play role in Ebola survival'

New strike by NHS staff announced

UK national sperm bank starts work

Cancer survival rates 'improving'

Care plan 'to ease hospital pressure'

Study points to new autism risks

Dementia tops female causes of death

NHS trusts counting on bailouts

NHS screening advice 'must improve'

Drugs fund 'papers over cracks'

Google developing a cancer detector

Why scratching 'intensifies itching'

Breastfeeding photo 'goes viral'

Ebola: Why is it this disease we fear?

Suspended between life and death

VIDEO: The makeshift 'protection' for Ebola

VIDEO: Drinkers try the BBC booze calculator

VIDEO: Wine vs doughnut: The hidden calories in booze

VIDEO: 'Drug abuse should be a health issue'

VIDEO: 'My son died after taking legal high'

VIDEO: Care plan 'to ease hospital pressure'

VIDEO: No hugs for Ebola volunteers

VIDEO: UK national sperm bank starts work

Ebola: The right to refuse to treat

Joined-up care: The elephant in the room

Can you cheat your way to fitness?

Politicians line up to back NHS plan

How NHS staff will help treat Ebola

Tribute to FGM 'warrior' Efua Dorkenoo

Ebola crisis: 'We need help, serious help'

10 things you may not know about laughter

Analysis: Plan 'packs a punch'

Six surprising Ebola numbers

The NHS plan: Five things we've learned

How one hospital copes with change

To walk again - the people behind the story

Ebola treatments - how far off?

Ebola: WHO under fire over response to epidemic

Ebola crisis: How Nigeria's Dr Adadevoh fought the virus

CNN - World
Look at me! 24 selfies of the week

Kobani: Before and after views

Ebola battle through nurse's eyes

Reporters' photos on the scene

How to vote for Hero of the Year

From near death to Nobel Prize

Music gives slum children a voice

Who is 'Umbrella Man'?

Watch landmark Cold War series

In photos: History of the Cold War

They really don't like each other

5 amazing places in Iran

The last kings of Africa

Worst public transit for women?

Photos that defy perspective

To North Korea, from 'human scum'

Zakaria: Problem within Islam

What an Ebola survivor looks like

6 things about Iran hostage crisis

King Tut's 'virtual autopsy' surprises

Scott's Antarctica notebook found

The factory people pay to see

ISIS threatens priceless heritage

The green sports car

And the best airline food is...

Diwali celebrations light up India

This parasite keeps millions poor

5 can't-miss Tanzania moments

Boko Haram victim: I cried for help

How Victorians dressed for death

Pay off poachers, save wildlife

Only 6 northern white rhinos left

Ebola fears cripple safaris

Clues to Stone Age mating

10 pics to change how you see China

World's worst airport in 2014 is ...

And baby makes 4

Daredevils risk lives for perfect shot

What a shot! 35 amazing sports photos

What we learn from ISIS magazine

Mysterious space mission ends

Photographer battles stereotypes

Rocket-powered toy in stratosphere

Why a feminist converted to Islam

Camera maps coral reefs

Uganda clerics: Is gay OK?

Which megacity went horn-free?

The world's most expensive phone?

Chic allure of the "Afro-dandies"

How to tame a zebra?

A love letter to Nigeria

Lost art of the pin-up girl

Cambodia rescuing captive bears

And the world's 50 best bars are ...

What is this man doing to the horse?

The '5-year-old Monet'

ISIS: The street gang on steroids

Treasures of 2,000-year-old wreck

Google hires camel for Street View

Selfies printed in your own blood?

The greatest beards in history

14 things to know about Paraguay

Fastest sport you've never heard of

'I don't want to fight anymore'

Optics shed new light on the brain

Tweets to make you smile

Is this the happiest place on earth?

Drone-maker takes 'selfies' to skies

Sistine Chapel gets makeover

Extravagant presidential palaces

Tiny gaping mouth wins top photo

Drone-maker takes 'selfies' to skies

Why King Jong Un went missing

N. Koreans shot for watching TV

'No one should have to live' like this

WWII wreckage raised from lake

Drone-maker takes 'selfies' to skies

China catches 2K cheating students

The last kings of Africa

The week in 37 photos

Astonishing photo-realistic portraits

How to paint a portrait in 54 seconds

Robot prints artist's selfie. In blood

Military chief takes over in Burkina Faso

Israel partially reopens access to holy site

'Treated like cattle': Enslaved by ISIS

Chile's 'stolen children' seek truth

Poland refuses to arrest filmmaker

Protesters torch Parliament building in Burkina Faso

WWII wreckage raised from lake

Report: North Korean officials shot for watching TV

Why Kim Jong Un went missing

UK ends Afghanistan mission

UK teacher turns terrorist

Rousseff wins re-election in Brazil

43 Mexican students missing

Student kidnappings have political fallout

ISIS threatens Iraq's cultural heritage

How ISIS makes its millions

Saving space in Israel

Boko Haram kidnaps 30 in Nigeria

Uganda's Willy Wonka duo

99 quarantined in Marburg virus death

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