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Sat Nov 22, 2014
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Business Daily Kenya -
Daily Nation Kenya -
BBC - World
Kenya bus gunmen 'want religious war'

Ebola 'stable' in Guinea - WHO

Madagascar plague outbreak kills 40

Deadly stadium stampede in Zimbabwe

France's Hollande to visit Guinea

DR Congo axe attackers kill dozens

Benghazi report clears US response

Uganda uproar over toddler's death

Zambia leader suspended by his party

Mali doctor dies from Ebola virus

Greste family appeal to Egypt's Sisi

Tunisia police rape sentence doubled

VIDEO: Ethiopia's industrial boom

VIDEO: 'Without food people can't fight Ebola'

VIDEO: Egyptian street art movement

VIDEO: Commercialising farming in Ethiopia

VIDEO: Burkina Faso timeline - in 60 seconds

VIDEO: Weapons seized in Kenya mosque raid

VIDEO: 'Ebola like no disease I've seen'

VIDEO: Kenyans march for stripped woman

Letter from Africa: Did suave Compaore outsmart Ghana?

Letter from Africa: The power of religion

How to succeed in South Africa

Recycling Ivory Coast's mobile waste

Fashion made in Africa

How I made money from waste plastic

Ebola drains weak health systems

Does Nigeria have an image problem?

In pictures: Africa's 'male feminist'

Almaz's story

In pictures: The lure of gold

In pictures: Mali’s motorbiking eye surgeons

In pictures: Ethiopia’s thriving art market

In pictures: Darfur refugees then and now

South Sudan in pictures: Threat of famine

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Manchester City 2-1 Swansea City

Gharib sacked by Egypt after Cup exit

Africa in pictures: 14-20 November 2014

Haile Gebrselassie: From athletics to the boardroom

'Pistorius terrorised my daughter'

VIDEO: Cairollers: Roller derby Cairo style

Still searching for a cure for Libya

Who will be Tunisia's next president?

VIDEO: West Africa's own Ebola anthem

Nominees reveal pride over BBC award

Tackling the militants of Mombasa

BBC - Business
Labour warns over pension charges

China rate cut spurs global markets

RBS admits error in stress test data

Aviva and Friends Life discuss merger

Public borrowing at £7.7bn in October

Delta swaps Boeings for Airbus jets

Dyson: 'Keep engineers in Britain'

HSBC under investigation in France

Treasury revises debt recovery plans

Malaysia to end fuel subsidies

Sotheby's chief executive steps down

China rate cut lifts mining shares

JJB Sports boss guilty of £1m fraud

UK drops EU bankers' pay challenge

Uber in Singapore taxi app regulation

Holy trademark! Batman v Valencia

'Poorest of poor' test talking tech

More IT glitches for RBS customers

Gender pay gap shrinks to record low

RBS fined £56m over computer failure

UK retail sales rise 0.8% in October

China's factory activity stagnates

Fed in easy decision to end stimulus

UAE's female fashion designers

Afghan businesses hope for change

Ex-convict turned chef cooks up social change

Scala to assess 'corruption' reports

Premier League faces TV rights probe

Manchester United sees revenues fall

VIDEO: Gebrselassie: From track to business

VIDEO: 'Creating Google' for Myanmar

VIDEO: Twitter co-founder defends application

VIDEO: India's online shopping revolution

VIDEO: Commercialising farming in Ethiopia

VIDEO: Ethiopia's industrial boom

VIDEO: Myanmar: Investment will create jobs

VIDEO: Philippines' Aquino on business hurdles

Haile Gebrselassie: From athletics to the boardroom

The Christmas 0% credit card rush

Scandal strains Brazil's giant Petrobras

Why is Formula 1 in crisis?

Space agency plans Mars rover from Lego bricks

Crowd investing opens up high finance

China's increasing demands for gas

How McDonald's conquered India

Child labour laws: A step back for advancing Bolivia?

How much is everything in the UK worth?

BBC - Health
Mental health nursing cuts warning

NHS staff fly out to fight Ebola

A&Es miss four-hour wait standard

Bill against 'privatised' NHS backed

NHS 'should use cancer drug for eyes'

Early sign of yellow fever found

'No fertility help for cancer young'

Breastfeeding voucher trial results

Watchdog ranks mental health trusts

Female bosses 'more depressed'

Obesity 'costing same as smoking'

Double cancer referrals, GPs urged

Bed blockers 'face legal action'

Why nightshifts pile on the pounds

One kiss 'shares 80 million bugs'

Surgeon performance data 'misses the mark'

Is bushmeat behind Ebola outbreak?

VIDEO: Labour calls for NHS investment

VIDEO: A&Es miss four-hour wait standard

VIDEO: NHS staff set off to help fight Ebola

VIDEO: 'Bed blockers face legal action'

VIDEO: Bid to 'remove worst bits' of Health Act

AUDIO: Surgeon's records made public

AUDIO: Early years of sex research on display

VIDEO: Obesity costs UK £47bn a year

VIDEO: HIV now and then: 1982 vs 2014

Ebola team will miss 'human touch'

How are organs chosen for transplant?

The self-publicist whose medical text books caused a stir

British nurse back to help after Ebola recovery

Bird flu: What threat to humans?

VIDEO: Virtual avatars reduce self-criticism

Exotic pets and the risks to health

UK doctor on the Ebola front line

The one dollar contraceptive

VIDEO: Medical bike couriers battle HIV

Why the NHS is facing a tricky winter

Ad Breakdown: Sex and the e-cigarette

CNN - World
Soap opera helping Rwandans heal

The week in 34 photos

Look at me! 25 selfies of the week

CNN reporter hit with tear gas

Sesay driven to tell girls' story

Reporters' photos on the scene

Aleppo's children need protection

How to respond to assertive Russia

The man of the millennium?

Jailed for 'Hunger Games' salute

China in love with private education

Watch landmark Cold War series

In photos: History of the Cold War

Human face carved in gemstone

Extreme sports: Pushing the limits

Eerie geometry of everyday life

Bizarre creatures from the deep

39 amazing sports photos

Greatest stage spectacles on Earth

Stash of stars' photos unearthed

The $50 earthquake alarm

Surf queen: 'Water is my office'

Big cash for old bags?

Jamaica: Small island, big heart

Drone snaps superyachts

'I used to see my dad in my dreams'

Parents of missing 43 want justice

World's spectacular fountains

Dress like a world leader

Famous poet's manuscript found

'Starry Night' bike path opens

80 spectacular travel photos

Surf's up! Catching waves in Dakar

Haunting beauty of moldy photographs

Fashion models strut at U.N.

Kidjo: 'Do I LOOK like I have Ebola?'

'Living painting' grows before you

Sex museums: A global guide

China's craziest marriage proposals

Man: I was 'idiot' to surf dead whale

The Asian definition of beauty

Paradise seeks beach-goers

What does your country smell like?

Monuments lost to conflict

Is ISIS inspiring Australia attacks?

8 ways to love a Cape Cod oasis

Remember when this was sexy?

Tourists head for 'Death Railway'

Children caught in ISIS slaughter

Bars, coke, sex: Life of HK banker

Exploring deep space's double

SEAL commander to SEALs: Seal it

The man who ran from genocide

Medieval doodles full of humor

The last Costa Concordia victim

Sistine Chapel gets makeover

Spanish town defined by dining

'Most sensitive kilometer on Earth'

Grisly murders stun Hong Kong

Drone-maker takes 'selfies' to skies

Extravagant presidential palaces

They really don't like each other

Tiny gaping mouth wins top photo

5 amazing places in Iran

The last kings of Africa

Worst public transit for women?

Photos that defy perspective

To North Korea, from 'human scum'

Zakaria: Problem within Islam

What an Ebola survivor looks like

6 things about Iran hostage crisis

King Tut's 'virtual autopsy' surprises

Scott's Antarctica notebook found

The factory people pay to see

ISIS threatens priceless heritage

The green sports car

And the best airline food is...

Diwali celebrations light up India

This parasite keeps millions poor

5 can't-miss Tanzania moments

Boko Haram victim: I cried for help

How Victorians dressed for death

Pay off poachers, save wildlife

Only 6 northern white rhinos left

Ebola fears cripple safaris

Clues to Stone Age mating

10 pics to change how you see China

World's worst airport in 2014 is ...

And baby makes 4

Daredevils risk lives for perfect shot

What a shot! 35 amazing sports photos

What we learn from ISIS magazine

Mysterious space mission ends

Photographer battles stereotypes

Rocket-powered toy in stratosphere

Why a feminist converted to Islam

Father, sons leave Germany to fight ISIS

'Smart Sewage' could spot epidemics

Wiping out polio, country by country

Optics shed new light on the brain

The week in 34 photos

African sushi shakes up Japan

Hermits and where they dwell

Can we pull elephants from brink?

Japanese 'black widow' questioned

Teachers riot in Mexico

'Any minute we could be shot'

Great white caught near beach

Starving and scared in East Ukraine

Female police recruits' virginity test

Astonishing photo-realistic portraits

How to paint a portrait in 54 seconds

Robot prints artist's selfie. In blood

Strong earthquake shakes Japan

Arrested in case of missing Mexican students

House report deflates Benghazi theories

Building a brighter future for Guatemala's kids

3 accused of plot to kill Israeli minister

Yikes! This happened on live TV

New ISIS ally on Israel's doorstep

Honduran beauty queen found dead

WHO: Democratic Republic of Congo is Ebola-free

Starving and scared in Ukraine

UK bans self-professed dating expert

Russia plans bomber flights near U.S.

Honduran beauty queen killed

Mexico protesters throw Molotovs

5 Guantanamo detainees transferred

5 killed in synagogue attack

Who else remains captive by ISIS?

ISIS 'cub' fighter, 15, saved by father

'Any minute we could be shot'

The $.30 kit that could end malaria

Soap opera helping Rwandans heal

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