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Wed Jul 01, 2015
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Vietnam1313.8¢   |Mexico3651.4¢   |Colombia2252.2¢ 
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BBC - World
Egypt's Sinai hit by deadly attacks

Mozambique scraps anti-gay law

African 'to reach Grand Tour podium'

French troops suspended over child sex

Tunisia killer 'trained in Libya'

Nigeria gay ban 'backed by 87%'

South Sudan army 'burnt girls alive'

Liberia quarantine after Ebola case

VIDEO: Inside Tunisia killer's college

VIDEO: Why is Tunisia vulnerable to extremism?

VIDEO: Poverty grips Chad despite UN targets

VIDEO: Millennium Development Goals explained

VIDEO: Lupita on a mission to save elephants

VIDEO: Gunman 'prayed' moments before death

VIDEO: Ghana enters four-wheel-drive market

VIDEO: Snail farm gathers pace in Africa

Why Kenyans enjoyed the political blackout

Nigeria's 'brown envelope' journalism

Is Bitcoin Africa's unlikely saviour?

Malawi's expensive phone habit

VIDEO: Political dynasties: Good or bad?

VIDEO: Has US failed South Sudan?

How Nigeria's presidential election works

Tunisia from revolution to republic

Africa in pictures: 20-26 June 2015

In pictures: Africa's high coiffure

Dakar fashion week shows Senegal style

Nigeria in pictures: The firemen of Lagos

In pictures: Senegal's Mouride Islamic sect

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Eto'o joins ambitious Turkish side

Assou-Ekotto signs for St Etienne

Why do African presidents love titles?

Building a better future for Chad

Why Tunisia has been targeted

Tunisia attack: What we know

From howling blues to twisted love

BBC - Business
UK outlook 'worsens' on Greece crisis

Fresh talks due on new Greek bailout

Report backs third Heathrow runway

UK productivity remains subdued

Smart meter scheme loses chairman

Toyota exec quits after drug scandal

FTSE 100 rallies on Greek deal hopes

Gleneagles Hotel sold by Diageo

Calls to 0800 now free on mobiles

Income needs falling for families

China's stock market falls 5%

Samsung merger still on the table

'Go casual' in hot weather, says TUC

Rival robot cars meet on US road

VIDEO: Runways report: 'A reasonable solution'

VIDEO: Third runway 'not going to happen'

VIDEO: Debate 'settled once and for all'

VIDEO: India's food truck expansion

VIDEO: Products designed to make you happier...

VIDEO: Five graphs that explain Greek crisis

VIDEO: Greece deadline: What happens next?

VIDEO: Greece debt crisis: Small island woes

Would Grexit derail the euro project?

A tale of three Murdochs

'Circademics' get serious about circus

Apple aims for bigger bite of music market

Grounded: UK airport expansion plans

'Businesses need biologists'

Indiana Joneses run hi-tech race against Islamic State

What Greeks really think about the crisis

Greece: What tourists need to know

BBC - Health
Female lung cancer cases top 20,000

Incontinence implant problems 'rare'

Health firm reacts to Facebook row

E-cigarette ban recommended offshore

Children's ward to partially close

Bowel surgery death rate 'too high'

Families speak out over Tawel Fan

Liberia quarantine after Ebola case

Cuba stamps out mother-to-child HIV

NHS wants negligence legal costs capped

Online game 'may control snacking'

Sun cream labelling 'confuses buyers'

Insurer attacked for Facebook tie-up

Girl's birthday 'gift' of hearing

Mushroom 'helps keep fat off'

NHS should welcome 'citizen whistleblowers'

'Cancer made me want mashed potato'

Care in the UK: The costs you face

VIDEO: What do children think of hospital care?

VIDEO: Paralysed man walks with robot legs

VIDEO: NHS staff told 'to be open and honest'

VIDEO: Blue targets reduce sleeping sickness

VIDEO: GPs 'taking own lives' due to stress

VIDEO: Concern raised over inactive teens

VIDEO: 3D printer to help build girl's nose

VIDEO: Sister's quest for Down's death inquest

What's up doc?

ILF: What will change?

Colour blue may stop sleep illness

Can you teach people to have empathy?

The taboo of sex in care homes for older people

In the spotlight

CNN - World
Military plane crashes into Indonesian neighborhood

Horrifying plane crash

Search for victims

Suspect sent selfie with decapitated victim, French prosecutor says

Britain's losses in Tunisia attack climb to 21

New video shows Tunisia attack scene

London exercise tests readiness for terrorist attack

Iranian nuclear negotiations extended

Suspect in student murder charged after months on the run

'All her skin was gone'

Jailed blogger's mom: 'Sorry'

Man sets himself on fire on bullet train

SpaceX rocket explodes after launch

Video shows carnage of Kuwait mosque attack

What if your country disappeared?

Island poet: '2 degrees is a gamble'

Leap second: A guide to the longest day of the year

Stench of death in Pakistan should shame government

George Clooney: Stop South Sudan's death spiral

Will Mafia ever loosen its grip on Italy?

A death trap for al Qaeda leaders?

Whack-a-mole strategy against terror

Religious extremism looms over Myanmar

What if ISIS seeks dirty bomb?

The horror of ISIS's treatment of women

Sexual politics and the Mideast

Do Kurds have ISIS on the run?

Is child marriage coming to an end?

Drone victims' family seeks justice

The week in 43 photos

Women's World Cup: Best photos

New Zealand's most notorious gang

Rare access to China's far west

What a shot! 38 amazing sports photos

70 historic moments from the 1970s

Seeing beauty in trash

The Annie Leibovitz of the Victorian era

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was the 'Terminator'

1 dead after Ebola reappears in Liberia

Africa's star athletes: Sports heroes of tomorrow

Brazil, U.S. look to move past spying

Memories of a siege: Inside the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran

Israel says it blocked ship attempting to break Gaza blockade

As hostility grows, some Chinese say so long Hong Kong

Pakistan's relentless heat wave devastates families

Touring Germany's world-class automotive museums

The life, death and rebirth of a London icon

Fighting to win against the forces of nature

Turning gorilla poachers into protectors

World Cup 'army' breaks barriers

Why these girls fear the summer

Mysterious moon may have secret ocean -- and life

Top 10 dinosaur museums

How did teen 'fall under spell' of ISIS?

Magna Carta at 800

How herbicides are killing the bees

15-year-old intern discovers new planet

Famous poets throughout history

Mesmerizing images blur the line between architecture and art

Can Uber-style apps make affordable private jets a reality?

This man's blood has saved the lives of two million babies

Hope Solo's 'freaking huge' performance

Surge in female recruits to ISIS reported

China astronaut asks U.S. to open space station

What's behind India's heat wave?

Man stolen as baby reunites with mom 41 years later

Historian claims to discover 'true face' of Shakespeare

Is the world turning its back on a people?

Seeing humanity in farm animals

'The day I infiltrated an African cult'

Company treats 6,400 employees to vacation

Mormons search for roots after genocide

The forgotten sherpas

FAA questioned mental health of Germanwings pilot

Police: British TV star abused 22 students

A hero for gorillas -- and poachers

Dozens of dinosaur eggs discovered

The last of his kind

A year in space

What are the world's coolest new buildings?

Goodbye, glaciers?

Inside the battle to save Africa's elephants

Orca baby boom off British Columbia

On TV, a new Jesus comes into view

How Stone-Age blades are still cutting it in modern surgery

Stunning portraits of people with Down syndrome

World's largest asteroid impact zone found

Japan unveils largest warship since World War II

A really big fish story

Kim Jong Un: New look, new attitude?

Sudan refugees take back their story

Island of forgotten dreams

How to find the terrorist amid tide of human misery

Amazon tribe under threat

A new sex park for Taiwan?

The scariest theme park rides on Earth

What's the perfect job for you? Ask your 5-year-old self

The extraordinary art of autistic 'five-year-old Monet'

Gifts fit for a queen

Was King Tut's beard glued back on?

Abducted toddler found after 24 years

India's tiger population increasing

Scientists upload a worm's brain into a Lego robot

Hold on tight, we're landing sideways ...

Art made from war

World's top 25 hotels

Spectacular ancient city deserted and mysterious

10 places we'd rather be

Forgotten in Aleppo

'It just went ballistic': Shark attacks teenager

Is this the site of Jesus' trial?

The world's safest airlines

Helmet cam shows sniper shot to head

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