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Thu Apr 17, 2014
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BBC - World
Parents seek Nigeria kidnap girls

Pistorius forensic tests challenged

Algeria votes on Bouteflika's future

Senegal's Karim Wade 'to face trial'

Guinea-Bissau run-off to pick leader

Remittance fees 'hurt Africans'

UN mulls medal for peacekeepers

Head of oldest African park shot

'Last' Chadian soldier leaves CAR

South Sudan rebels 'seize' oil hub

Elite marathon runner misses flight

Jordanian envoy kidnapped in Libya

VIDEO: Hunt for 100 abducted girls in Nigeria

VIDEO: Pistorius trial shown prosthetic leg

AUDIO: 'Killing books' in Libya

VIDEO: At site of Nigeria bus station blast

VIDEO: Cleaning up Cairo's waste system

VIDEO: Pistorius trial day 23 - in 60 secs

VIDEO: Pistorius trial day 21 - in 60 secs

VIDEO: Ghana's 'waste to wealth' initiative

Letter from Africa: Is sorry ever enough?

Letter from Africa: Ghana's emergency rates

How Nigeria will become Africa's biggest economy

Seaweed - Zanzibar's 'gift from the ocean'

'Domino effect' of Rwanda genocide

Is Africa’s young population a risk or an asset?

Africa in pictures: 4 April-10 April 2014

In pictures: Mixing graffiti and calligraphy in Tunisia

In pictures: Uganda's 'Pimp My Ride' garage

In pictures: Excavating past crimes in Somaliland

In pictures: South Sudanese seeking safety in Uganda

Visions of freedom in the Middle East and North Africa

Queen's Baton Relay: Africa

What does freedom look like in Africa?

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Ethiopia confirm deal with Barreto

Igesund cleared of wrongdoing by FA

Pistorius trial: Unresolved questions

Uplifting letters of hope sent to children of Syria

Nigeria's social media lesson to the world

On a hill, in sight of Europe

VIDEO: Teaching photo tagging in rural Uganda

Can Algeria's ailing president win a fourth term?

Pistorius damaged but not destroyed

In pictures: Nigeria bus blast

Chiwetel Ejiofor's post Oscars plans

The storyteller of Marrakech

BBC - Business
Co-op Group reports £2.5bn loss

Pensioners could get death estimate

Lamb takeaways 'often another meat'

Anglo Irish bank pair found guilty

UK housing market 'shows resilience'

US banking giants see mixed results

Weak start for Weibo US share sale

London Market Report

RBS: No evidence of small firm fraud

Mulberry warns of lower profits

Tube staff plan five days of strikes

Bus operator to axe 14 services

German media boss criticises Google

China sales fall hits Remy Cointreau

Jockey Club makes record profits

Virgin apologises for email glitch

Tencent brings Candy Crush to China

Free jail-built bikes for jobseekers

New teachers 'can't risk mortgages'

Wage rises catch up with inflation

'Shocking' rise in use of food banks

China's 7.4% growth beats forecast

UK unemployment rate falls to 6.9%

China 'must allow currency to rise'

The boss who wants staff to have fun

Bamboo back in business for Taiwan

The Whole Foods way of engaging staff

Man City players 'best paid in sport'

Hearts' banker agrees shares sale

Prize money increase for French Open

AUDIO: Google 'not meeting expectations'

AUDIO: Why Danny Mills bought all the pies

VIDEO: Pennycook: Co-op results 'a disaster'

VIDEO: Cyborg glasses mimic eye gestures

VIDEO: Union backs plans for Co-op reform

VIDEO: Thousands of China workers on strike

VIDEO: Is ZTE's choosy strategy working?

VIDEO: End of cost of living squeeze?

Fire ice: The energy of the future?

Indian bike messenger firm takes off

Sweet or sour? Duping our taste buds

How GDP became the figure to watch

How 3D is changing the shape of lessons

The self-storage millionaires

Hi-tech start-ups aim for the stars

Steering a company in a new direction

BBC - Health
Hospital infections 'still too high'

Pensioners could get death estimate

Warning over bowel cancer screening

Under 16s 'shut out of safe havens'

Reprieve for 18 NI care homes

Early op 'may have saved man's life'

Crohn's patient loses fertility case

'Terror' of patient's op wake-up

Sensors to prevent pain for amputees

MPs urge shift in complaint culture

GP hours scheme 'to benefit 7m'

GP out-of-hours care 'diabolical'

Cyborg glasses express fake emotions

Beard trend 'guided by evolution'

Why insurers should fund medical research

Cancer virus discovery helped by delayed flight

AUDIO: Man amputated hand to get 'reaction'

VIDEO: Lord Tebbit turns children's writer

AUDIO: RNIB: UK needs sight loss advisors

VIDEO: Hi-tech goggles 'detect cancer cells'

AUDIO: Man held for giving wife pain patch

VIDEO: Sensors to prevent pain for amputees

AUDIO: Unison warns over paramedics' stress

VIDEO: Davina trainer's marathon tips

Should drug firms make payments to doctors?

How can music make your ears bleed?

Routine operations: Is a crisis brewing?

VIDEO: Inside the 'celeb' rehab centre

Bombing couple still Boston strong

Goggles help surgeons ‘see’ tumours

Can you live without processed food?

Bereaved parents heard at last

Living with the 'opposite of autism'

Ugandan clinics selling bogus HIV certificates

How is PTSD diagnosed?

CNN - World
What a shot! 27 sports photos

The week in 27 photos

The dangers of testing Ebola

Putting planes back together

Isolated tribe believes in simple life

Who's your hero? Nominate them

Anderson Cooper: Here's how

At fire scene, she rescues the pet

Hunger in the land of plenty

Helping women escape 'the life'

A tour of the sex underworld

Abdullah Abdullah leads Afghan vote

Brothers re-arrested for cannibalism

'3 civilians killed' in NATO airstrike

Watch landmark Cold War series

In photos: History of the Cold War

Kayaker spots rare oarfish

Video sign of al Qaeda plot?

Why is 'blood moon' red?

Carpenter replaces sawn-off fingers

Chinese cup breaks sale record

Syrian refugee: It's all death

Battling for abused Afghan women

The 'bull dog' against Pistorius

Mo Ibrahim: Time for Afro-realism

The most stylish tribe in Africa?

Master's fever: 10 must-play courses

World's biggest ever poll starts

Unique welcome for royals

World's fastest flying woman?

Stolen art found 40 years later

Russia: Disarm illegal forces in Ukraine

'Robohand' you can print yourself

Exoskeleton changes girl's life

3-D printed arm gives boy hope

When GIFs are high art

Is it a Banksy?

Africa's most endangered species

Pop art condoms?

Russia: Disarm illegal forces in Ukraine

Possible survivors inside ferry

Snowden questions Putin on TV

Who are Boko Haram?

Witness contradicts Pistorius

'Paper architect' wins top prize

Seoul unveils 'spaceship' landmark

China's iconic dress still sexy

Potential air pockets offer hope for ferry survivors

Mother slaps, then forgives son's murderer

Snowden questions Putin on camera

$250 million price tag for MH370 undersea search?

Families: Nigerian military lying about abducted girls being freed

Who are Boko Haram?

Saudi veteran intelligence chief calls it quits

Defense witness contradicts Pistorius version of events

Inside an ebola isolation ward

Pakistan Taliban: Ceasefire with government is over

Berlusconi to do community service

Confiscated art returned

Teens accused in family murder plot

5 Calgary students killed

Drug cartels on social media

Wildfire in Chilean city kills 12

Israel launches spy satellite

28 killed in violence across Iraq

Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

Dozens killed in Nigeria blast

48 die in Togo bus crash

U.N. approves CAR peacekeepers

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